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Vote Tuesday, September 12th

Safer Streets OKC

Oklahoma City voters are eligible to participate in a special election onSept. 12 to consider bond and sales tax initiatives.The general obligation bond package includes a proposition to support our libraries.Be informed on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Included in the bond election:


Almonte Library

In February of 2013, the Almonte Library opened in a leased store front in the Almonte Shopping Center after realizing the need for a library in the community. Funds from the bond will provide a new, permanent home for the library which will include more meeting and study spaces, more computers and a multipurpose computer lab as well as an engaging children's and teen area.


Ralph Ellison and Belle Isle libraries

To meet the current and future needs of the community, bond funds will be used for a 7,000 SF expansion to the Ralph Ellison Library and a 12,000 SF expansion at the Belle Isle Library. Both children's and teen rooms will be updated, and the additional space will be used for digital media creation, a makerspace, computer labs, and collaborative group study/work rooms.


Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library

A renovation will replace the skylights, repair the roof and will update the technology throughout the building. Additionally, it will increase seating and add creative work spaces for entrepreneurs, writers, designers, and students of all subjects.

Also Included

The ballot also includes funding to invest in rebuilding and improving OKC's streets, bridges, sidewalks, bike lanes, and more. Additional funding will hire 57 more Oklahoma City Fire Department firefighters and build a joint training center with the Oklahoma City Police Department. Visit okc.gov/BetterSafer for more information.


The $967 million general obligation bond package uses property tax revenue to fund basic infrastructure needs. The package would succeed the $835.5 million program approved in 2007, which is almost complete.

The City millage rate is proposed to remain at or below 16 mills, as it has been since the 1980s.


Additional Information on the Election




Kim Terry

Kim grew up in a semi-small town in northwest Oklahoma and went to Oklahoma State University. Her original dream of being an architect didn’t pan out since she and physics didn’t play well together, so she decided to get a degree in Journalism/Advertising. She has worked in marketing for 20 years in various industries from healthcare to software to publishing.


I was surprised when the new library downtown did not include parking spaces for those wishing to visit the library. Parking is a problem especially during the week day mornings and afternoons, because the thought of getting a parking ticket most likely keeps many people from coming during week days. My idea was for a parking garage above the building, and I actually looked for it to be there or in the back of the building when it was completed. Please include free and safe parking in future library improvement requests. Thank you so very much.

   Myra Moaning,       Monday, September 11, 2017,      ,    
Hi Myra, The Arts District garage is about 100 yards west of the Downtown Library (across Hudson) and for those who visit the Downtown Library, they can park in it and receive parking vouchers at the library for the first hour of parking. We also offer parking vouchers in that garage to those attending a library program for the length of the program. Hope this helps. Tim

   Tim Spindle,       Monday, September 11, 2017,      ,    
Rather than using gobbledygook, would you please explain - in plain English - the terms you use in this paragraph: "Both children's and teen rooms will be updated, and the additional space will be used for digital media creation, a makerspace, computer labs, and collaborative group study/work rooms" What is digital media creation; what is a makerspace; what are collaborative group study/work rooms?

   L Chandler,       Monday, September 11, 2017,      ,    
HI, What we’re envisioning when we speak of digital media creation is creating a space with resources for children and teens to make podcasts, web videos, video games, web pages and websites, and so on. Similarly, makerspaces are areas where people can work and play with various materials in a creative and collaborative way—this can include all sorts of things, like 3D printers, robotics, or Lego, or even paint and cardboard. (We haven’t settled on exact vision yet as to what our makerspace would be, this is just what they generally tend to be.) Finally, collaborative group study/work rooms are spaces set apart for people to work on projects or hold study sessions in a way that allows them to interact as they need to while preserving the quiet space of the library for other members. We hope that helps, and if we can be of any other assistance, please let us know.

   Anonymous,       Monday, September 11, 2017,      ,    

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